Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ohio Turfgrass Conference

We recently attended the Ohio Turfgrass Conference. There were several new products we looked at. The most exciting was RENEWtrients! RENEWtrients offers economical organic fertilizer in granular and liquid form. It is a poultry fertilizer that does not stink! The manufacturing process produces electricity and a sustainable, non burning plant available fertilizer, that returns organic matter to the soils. It is created in an anaerobic digester, so it doesn't have the smell like composted products. The anaerobic process kills all the pathogens and weed seeds. The process also produces a poultry fertilizer that has 3 times higher nitrogen than composted chicken and 9 times higher than composted cow manure. And, did I mention it DOES NOT STINK! This line of fertilizer will be the perfect addition to our Sumagreen product! We will be applying beneficial soil microbes with Sumagreen, nutrients and organic matter from RENEWtrients fertilizer, to make grass healthy and GREEN! I will be using and distributing Sumagreen and RENEWtrients products in 2014. If you have any plants, crops or gardens that you would like to use organic products on, I will be happy to provide you with more information. Call me 615-394-6867 or shoot me an email to  Thanks for your business in 2013. I look forward to some really green lawns in 2014!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Here's your sign!

When we make an application to yards, we put a small sign in them with the date treated on it. There are two reasons for this:
1. So the homeowner will know we have made an application
2. So the mowing companies know when the lawn was treated.

We try to time lawn applications after lawns have been recently cut. However, it is impossible to know when mowing companies are coming when we have had rain events. It throws off their schedules. When we approach a lawn that is being mowed, we come back another time. We expect the same courtesy from them. Please advise your mowing service that if there is a sign in the lawn, to please look at date on the sign. Please tell them if it was treated the day they arrive, to please NOT mow and come back the next day.

The following problems have occured:

1. Mowing services ask us if its okay to mow once we are done. We tell them it is not okay. They wait until we are gone and proceed with their cutting. We have caught them more than once.
2. They totally see the sign and ignore it because it is not convenient for them to come the next day.
3. We have also been told "I don't think our mowing guys can read english" . Unacceptable.

We have always returned and retreated lawns when this occurs at our expense, but it is getting too costly. We will do it once, but after it happens one time, we request the homeowner communicate the situation with lawn treatment flags and let the lawn mowing service know that if it happens again, the cost of the lawn application retreatment will be deducted from mowing bill to pay for retreatment.

I would greatly appreciate it if my customers would take a proactive approach next time you pay your mowing service. Just a quick note or phone call to let them know they are expected to observe lawn sign postings and if treatment was made the day they come, to reschedule there mowing for the following day.

Thanks for your time and your business!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Soaking rains

So, its always nice to get SOME  rain in the summer. However, the soaking rains we have received over the past 10 days have also completely exhausted crabgrass preemergent, and caused a nutsedge and weed explosion. Not to mention, if soils get a wee hotter, Mr Pithium will kick in. We will begin our late summer clean up app next week, and will probably have to return with service calls by end of August. We will get them cleaned up, so hang in there.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zenith Zoysia

This was planted about a month ago at the rate of 1.5 lbs seed/1000sq ft. It is a viable option if you are tired of planting fescue every fall. However, it should be planted during the month of May or early June. Also, the first summer, you will have to tolerate the weeds that germinate with the zoysia seed.   It also MUST be watered daily, lightly and frequently until it germinates, about 14 days. Zoysia is a good option if you have full sun and want your lawn to be its best for June, July, August September. Overseeding into zoysia with ryegrass for winter color is NOT an option. Let me know if you are interested in seeding zoysia next May.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Brown Patch "Lurking"

This cool wet spring has been excellent for cool season root growth. This is the first time in many years timely soaking rains have allowed us to have ZERO need so far for turf irrigation through mid May! However, there is a price to pay for all this water just as soon as the warm days hit! "Brown Patch" and "nutsedge" cometh. The spores are "festering". Therefore, we will begin first round of preventive disease control  next Monday.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It is time to make sure your irrigation is up and running. Please make sure your irrigation company also checks the programming. Remember, deep, infrequent irrigation is the key to reducing Nutsedge problems in the summer.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soil Temps now 50! Time for grass to green up!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Second Most asked question about 1st app

If it rains after you apply the treatment , will it still work? Yes, absolutely! Moisture is needed to activate the preemergents, so rain or snow following the 1st app is beneficial, not detrimental. In fact, the longer preemergent remains on soil surface without being activated by moisture, the more it will evaporate into atmosphere. Once activated with moisture, it is no longer susceptible to atmospheric breakdown. Also, the fertilizers we apply also are root absorbed, so moisture helps there as well. The only issue a heavy rain may cause with first app is reduced post emergent weed control. However, we use weed control products that are both leaf and root absorbed and a "sticker" to help hold herbicides on the foliage so the foliar portions can be absorbed. Therefore, the ideal situation is for a rainfall to occur after the treatment has been down for one hour. Thanks for reading this. Hope it helps!

Is it getting too late to pre-emerge?

This is the most popular question of the week. The answer is not even close to too late. Crabgrass germination is strictly based on soil temps. Period. It has zero to do with blooming forsythia. In sixteen years, I have never seen one peice of crabgrass germinate before April 1st. This year is no exception. Based on current soil temps, crabgrass won't even think about germination until about April 11th. So, rest easy if you haven't gotten your first application yet. All is well!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


During early September 2012, we had 6 lawns consumed in less than 72 hours by fall armyworms.  This was the first time this has occured since the late 1970’s!  Therefore, I had never seen this happen before on a home lawn (that was not new sod)Here is what we know:

1. The common factors on lawns hit were they all have irrigation systems, all had some common bermuda in the lawns or in adjacent neighbors lawn.

2. Farmers planting winter wheat in middle TN were also hit hard.

3.  The armyworms laid there eggs in irrigated areas only.

4. Traditional grub control products (such as imacloprid) do NOT control armyworms.

5. Bird populations and/or large populations of red wasps were abundant in these areas.

What can be done?  This year, we will use a turf insect control product that will control both grubs and armyworms.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND  ALL my IRRIGATED customers take this application in the summer of 2013.***It will also control ticks.

AREA CODES EFFECTED IN 2012 - 37215,37205,37027,37064. Had no major damage to any lawn in 37069, but this could be your year.  Predicting armyworm epidemics is very difficult.  Keep an eye on how many red wasps with black wings you notice this spring!

Call me 615-394-6867 or email me with any questions or to make sure you are signed up for armyworm control this summer. Thanks!

Crabgrass Pre-emergent time in TN 2013

After a mild winter in middle TN, it will soon be time for crabgrass pre-emergent.  Pre-emergents have to be applied prior to seed germination to be effective.  They are activated by moisture, so rain or snow after this application is beneficial, not detrimental.  Soil temps are about 4 degrees warmer right now than this time last year.  Crabgrass seed germination is occurs when soil tempatures at 1 inch stay at 50 degrees or above for three consectutive days. Current soil tempatures at 1 inch depth in middle TN about 40 degrees.  So its time for us to get busy!