Thursday, May 31, 2018

Weeds, Weeds, fungus, and more weeds

With soil temps warm and daily rains, we have 2 constant issues arising. Weeds & Diseases!

1.Weeds- nutsedge and summer annual weeds are germinating daily! If you have unacceptable weed populations between our visits please contact us for a service call.

2. Diseases - if you are on our preventive Disease Control package, we typically treat every 25 to 30 days. With this amount of rainfall, diseases will probably break out after 21 days because of the high pressure conditions that exist. Therefore, if you are on our preventive Disease Control package and see disease outbreak before 21 days is up, please let us know.

Having zero weeds and zero disease and these conditions is basically not feasible, but we do the best we can do to keep them under control. The only way we know you were having what you consider unacceptable results is if you contact us to let us know. We have rapid response on service calls usually within 48 hours if the weather cooperates. Just know that we are doing the best we can do based on the weather conditions that are presented.

Thank you for your business and patience! Robert Stroud The Turf Doctor

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Brown Fescue ☹️

Getting several calls/emails concerning the browning of Fescue /Bluegrass/Ryegrass. Right now almost every lawn looks like a brown Bermuda lawn! Basically, with fluctuating cold spells during the winter, the foliage gets basically frozen, inside and out, which browns the leaf blade. We've had a few single-digit cold snaps, so it's more exaggerated this January than it was last year. The good news is as soon as soil temperatures warm a bit, new green growth will pop out and lawn will be fine!  Although it is totally possible to get winter kill all the way to the roots on cool season grasses, I personally I've only seen that one time in 22 years. We will start our first application soon!